Monday, 18 November 2019

Year 5 News

Let battle commence!

A Times Tables Rock Stars battle is about to start.  You have from first thing on Tuesday morning until Friday afternoon to score as many points as you can and help your team win!

But,"Who are the teams?" you may ask!...….. It's girls verses boys!  Who will reign supreme?

Sunday, 17 November 2019

Year 1 - Odd socks day

As part of our Anti-bullying week this week, we came to school on Tuesday wearing odd socks which linked to this years theme of 'change starts with us'.
In the afternoon, we spent time discussing about bullying and what it means. We also shared that it is okay to be different because it makes us unique!

Here are some photographs of the children making their sock puppets and designing their own pair of odd socks which are on display in the year 1 classroom. 
Many thanks for your support on this day - we had lots of fun!

Nursery FS1 Update

This week has been very exciting we have all started learning our new text map. This time our text map is a non-fiction method to learn how to make gingerbread people. We have also had a very busy week including 'Odd sock'day as part of anti-bullying week and 'Children in Need' day.

Our Shining stars this week in the morning Nursery were Matthew and Jack and in the afternoon Nursery it was Toby and Thomas. Matthew was only here for the start of the week but he did do some great counting, experimenting with marks and rubbing them to to get the correct total. He was also able to help his friends. Jack also had a really good week especially coming to life in the outdoors. He especially enjoyed role playing as a fire fighter and playing with the weighing scales. He was able to use his number language and state when things were "too heavy". Toby has started to describe his drawings more and was able to name body parts on drawing he did of his Mummy. Thomas did some really good mark-making this week independently writing some letters on paper and stating what they are, well done.

Thank you very much to Matthew's and Jack's Mum for being able to come for a 'stay and play' session as part of their child's Shining Star week. Also, thank you to Arorya's Mum for making it on Monday for her daughters STW last week. All the children really enjoyed playing with their parents at School and showing them how they join in with their group work.