Tuesday, 18 February 2020

FS1 Nursery update⭐

What a lovely end to the term with a Valentines day bonanza. All the children have made some great progress this term, gaining in confidence to join in with repeated refrains from our main T4W story map. The children have really enjoyed using the 'Number Blocks' resources in our Maths area to copy and make representations of the different numbers. We have also celebrated Amora's Birthday in School on the last day and the children had a lovely treat snack time. Thank you Amora's Mummy and family.

⭐ Our Shining Star in the last week was Kacper as Alan was absent due to illness. Kacper has made a great effort to explore different types of mark making this week, spending a long time to colour and create. He has also been trying really hard to name different objects within our creative resources.

⭐Our Shining Stars in the afternoon in the last week was Julian and Emilia. Julian has had a tremendous week showing both his Mummy and Daddy who were able to come for 'Stay and Play' sessions that he is very confident to join in with lots of different activities and his understanding is good. Emilia is really maturing fast and has showcased excellent progress to be able to use phrases, sentences and questions to the adults around her. Her family will be coming during another week.

Well done everyone!
Happy Half term xxx
Mrs Edwardson 👩👍